Maricopa has a rich culture of community that goes back thousands of years. Native
Americans farmed and traded in the area long before Europeans arrived and made it a stop
on a route along the Gila River. Stage routes and train stops made a point of trade and transportation in the 1800s.

Agriculture advance in the area as water was pumped from the
abundant aquifer. Today, Maricopa is a growing community of families and friends – still
rich in historical value.

Maricopa Timeline

Maricopa Wells

800BC-1200AD     Snake Town, a large village complex 7 miles east of Maricopa Wells, is occupied by the Hohokam or Huhugam.
1150-1450    Huhugam “Classic Period” included villages along the Gila River including what would later be named Maricopa Wells.
1694     Father Kino visits Pima Villages and Maricopa Wells area.
1846     General Kearny and Dragoons Rested at Maricopa Wells.
1846     Cooke and Mormon Battalion Camped at Maricopa Wells when constructed wagon road through Southern Arizona.
1848     Gold Discovered in California: Ignites Westward movemen.t
1848     Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo-Ended War with Mexico ~ Gila River Becomes Boundary Line.
1851     Royce Oatman Family Stops at Maricopa Wells: Meets with tragedy down the road.
1851     Matilda Jane Barrett (Moore) and family stops at Maricopa Wells in route to California.
1853     US Army Corp of Engineers began survey of AZ seeking railroad route to connect East-Wes.t
1854     Gadsden Purchase adds almost 30,000 square acres of land South of Gila River to USA.
1857     Olive Oatman reunited with Brother Lorenzo.
1857     Last major Native American vs Native American Battle fought at Maricopa Wells.
1857     San Antonio-San Diego Overland Mail Line at Maricopa Wells.
1858     Butterfield Overland Stage Line, first run-September 16.
1861     Butterfield Overland Mail Line discontinued, April 12 (cause; Civil War and hostile Indians).
1861     Wells Fargo & Co. in Operation at Maricopa Wells.
1863     Arizona Territory created and Maricopa Wells becomes part of Pima County.
1864     Henry Morgan builds steam flour mill at Casa Blanca.
1864     John B. Allen’s first application for preemption of Homestead Land in Arizona at Maricopa Wells.
1865     Federal Post Office officially established at Maricopa Wells.
1865     Arizona National Guard established at Maricopa Wells.
1867     Maricopa Wells sold to Hooper & Co, mail and passenger coach line established.
1867     Mail line re-established at Maricopa Wells using old Butterfield route.
1867     Morgan builds Morgan’s Trading Post and opens Morgan’s Ferry near Maricopa Wells.
1870     Maricopa Wells sold to Moore and Carr.
1870     Moore appointed Postmaster at Maricopa Wells.
1870     First Arizona mail line from Maricopa Wells to Phoenix and Points North, most prosperous at the time.
1871     Henry Morgan Built a Store in Phoenix called Morgan and Co: Finished August
1872     Moore and Carr operated mail line from Tucson to Yuma.
1873     Military telegraph system established in Arizona – Maricopa Wells, one of main branches.
1873     US Custom Services: Provided Rep at Maricopa Wells.
1873     C.H. Kenyon Appointed Postmaster at Maricopa Wells.
1875     Pinal County formed from portions of Maricopa and Pima Counties:  Feb 1, 1875
1875     E.O. Stratton, Clerk/Bookkeeper at Maricopa Wells, keeps journal.
1878     Southern Pacific Railroad Reaches Yuma.
1879     Southern Pacific Railroad lines laid from Yuma to Tucson, connects East with West, 1st RR built in AZ
1879     Southern Pacific Railroad, establishes station at Maricopaville. Maricopa Wells closes 1886.
 1880    Maricopa Wells 1880 Census has 99 population. 


1879     Southern Pacific Railroad Line completed to Maricopaville on April 29.
1879     Train Excursion advertised to Maricopaville in May.
1879     Maricopaville heralded as “Fastest Growing Town in AZ”  “Destined to be Capital”.
1879     Maricopa Wells Post Office moved to Maricopaville.
1880     Southern Pacific Railroad completes Southern lines across Arizona at Tucson

Maricopa Junction / Maricopa

1884     Perry Williams builds Williams Hotel and Adobe House Southwest of tracks (later Smith Home).
1886     Work begins at Maricopa on building Maricopa & Phoenix Railroad
1887     First Maricopa & Phoenix train leaves Maricopa for Phoenix on July 4, 1887
1887     Military Telegraph moved to Maricopa.
1887     Post Office moved to Maricopa on July 7, 1887.
1887     Maricopa Builds Two-story Railroad Station.
1887     Cyrus Williams Joins Brother, Perry, at Maricopa and Manages Hotel Williams.
1890     Mary Edwards, first white woman arrives in Maricopa.
1894     Southern Pacific Express train robbed two miles East of Maricopa by 20 yr old Cowboy, Frank Armer, was soon captured.
1896     Cyrus Williams killed in Maricopa; buried in Tucson
1899     First baby born in Maricopa: named Maricopa.
1900     Maricopa Census: population 160.
1900     Approximately 8000 cars in America: Three owned by Maricopa residents.
1900     First Presbyterian Church at Ak-Chin opens.
1900     Henry Morgan, Operator of Trading Post, Morgan’s Ferry, and Phoenix Merchant, passed away in Phoenix.
1901     Almost all of Southern AZ under flood waters, bridges destroyed, great damage to railroad tracks in Aug.
1910     Sheriff Hayden chases boy bandits in McCarthy’s Stoddard-Dayton across desert and captures them South of Tabletop Mt.
1910     Maricopa claims to lead world in auto ownership; two cars and 18 residents.
1911     Cal Rodgers lands biplane in Maricopa with help of moon on First Transcontinental Flight: Nov 11, 1911.
1912     Ak-Chin Reservation created in 1912.
1912     Melvin Drake owned farm Northwest of Maricopa. His father drilled wells for the school in Maricopa.
1912     Long time residents Dallas and Susie Smith settle in Maricopa.
1912     Small house North of tracks serves as first school.
1913     Hotel Williams Destroyed by Fire.
1914     Maricopa Deputy Sheriff, Maricopa Slim, aka John Powers, died of gunshot wound on Nov 6, 1914.
1914     First Woman’s Club organized in Maricopa.
1914     New Red Brick Schoolhouse built South of tracks.
1916     Charles Cole filed legal Notice for Homestead in Maricopa: February 8th, legalized by Department of Interior 1919.
1917     Art Deal family buys Edwards / McCarthy Hotel in Maricopa: becomes Maricopa Hotel.
1917     Prospectors often inquired at hotel seeking location of Rock House and Old Gold Mines in Estrella Mtn.
1918     Lena Enos born at Ak-Chin, long time teacher at Maricopa Elementary School.
1918     Carmelita Norris Stanley moves to Maricopa / Ak-Chin.
1919     Beginning of Arizona Edison Co and Electrical District # 3.
1919     Melvin Drake filed legal notice for Homestead in Maricopa, May 3r, provided 3 year proof of Improvements.
1920     Maricopa Census: population 381.
1920     Jack Burkett and Rowland Brothers (nephew of Arthur Deal) own Hidden Valley Ranch.
1920     Ak-Chin Catholic Church Established.
1922     First phase of Maricopa-Casa Grande Road begins clearing of land, promoters Burkett and Deal.
1922     First Maricopa Chamber of Commerce organized.
1922     Salvation Army Conducts Church Services in Maricopa.
1922     Twenty-five Maricopa residents voted in election.
1922     Deputy Holden took prisoner to Florence, sentenced to 25 days for carrying concealed weapons.
1922     De Haviland Airplane with Liberty motor flies over Maricopa headed for Phoenix Fairgrounds.
1927     Monty O’Tool took young Marjorie and Paul Deal for a ride in his Monoplane.
1929     Citrus Development Co (projected 5000 acres in citrus at Hidden Valley) moves office to Maricopa.
1930     Electrical Dist # 3, begins work on sub station and power lines, bringing power to 200,000 acres of land.
1930     Maricopa Census: population 143.
1930     Ak-Chin Census: population 116.
1930     Hidden Valley Project celebration expects 800 visitors.
1931     Tillie Carlyle moves to Maricopa.
1931     Railroad Station and Edwards-McCarthy-Maricopa (Deal) Hotel destroyed by fire.
1931     Dallas and Susie Smith move to Maricopa, purchase Perry Williams’ House.
1931     Maricopa Hotel built South of tracks.
1934     Second Phase of Maricopa and Casa Grande Road begins with CWA Workers: Jack Burkett heads project.
1935     Maricopa & Phoenix Railroad closes doors in Maricopa.
1935     Several families settling in Hidden Valley.
1935     Grand Opening of Wander Inn with Open Pavilion, socializing and dancing under the stars, owner Jack Burkett.
1936     Women’s Neighborhood Club organized.
1946     Ed Green appointed Postmaster.
1948     Two rooms added to Maricopa Elementary School.
1949     Homemaker’s Club organized.
1949     First movie theater with Sanchez Family in Maricopa on East Honeycutt Road.
1949     Maricopa Cash Market Built (Market and Maricopa Mercantile).
1949     Ed Green sells Maricopa Hotel (South of tracks) and Tortilla Flats Café.
1949     School-Community Halloween Parade, Movie and Party at Maricopa Elementary School: Nov 3rd.
1949     Chuck and Millie Parker buy Maricopa Café and Maricopa Hotel from Ed Green, December
1950     First Annual Maricopa School Carnival (Feb 23, 1950).
1951     Four room wing of school building constructed.
1952     School buys land to complete 14 square acres.
1952     Hubert Brown Sells Maricopa Cash Market to Jay Baldock (Maricopa Mercantile-Mayfair Market).
1953     1914 Maricopa Elementary School destroyed by Fire (Sep 3, 1953) 400 students without rooms.
1953     Maricopa Elementary School builds four-room wing in December.
1953     Rotary Club Organized with Meetings at Maricopa Hotel, south of tracks.
1954     First Baptist Church Holds Services at Maricopa Elementary School.
1954     Fire destroys Maricopa Hotel south of tracks.
1954     Rotary Club Meetings held at Honeycutt Shopping Center south of tracks.
1954     Second Classroom Wing with four rooms and cafetorium added to Maricopa Elementary School.
1954     Honeycutt Shopping Center opens with Crossroads Café. Later called Honey Cup Restaurant.
1954     Naylor Grocery Store opens, later D & H Market in Honeycutt Shopping Center.
1954     Rotary Club Sponsors First Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troup, meetings at Maricopa Elementary School.
1955     Third Classroom Wing with four rooms added to Maricopa Elementary School.
1955     Stapley Building constructed south of tracks and east of Maricopa Elementary School.
1955     Incorporation of Maricopa Water Works on March 24th, water previously provided by South Pacific RR.
1956     Headquarters Restaurant destroyed by fire in 1956. Owner Calhoun estimates $25,000 in damages.
1956     Monday Niters Club Meetings at First Baptist Church.
1956     Maricopa Founders’ Day Celebration with Candlelight Ceremony at Maricopa Elementary School: Feb 14, 1956.
1956     Fire destroys 1912 schoolhouse north of tracks: later location of Headquarters Restaurant and Bar.
1956     Third Phase of Maricopa-Casa Grande Road completed.
1956     Maricopa Elementary School expands: One Principal and 15 Teachers.
1956     Newly Constructed Headquarters opens in March with Rotary Club Mtgs. and Ed Farrell as owner.
1956     Bonds passed to build Maricopa High School.
1958     Influx of migrant cotton workers increased First Grade enrollment to 130, new teacher needed.
1958     Church of Christ organized.
1958     Maricopa Community Library organized.
1959     Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy paved.
1958     First Maricopa Stagecoach Days Celebration.
1958     Rotary Club builds and opens Community Swimming Pool.
1959     First Class to graduate at Maricopa High School.
1960     Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin services.
1960     Fire destroys 1884 Perry Williams / Dallas Smith Home.
1961     Ak-Chin Community Council-Government established.
1963     Maricopa Community Church established.
1964     Maricopa BPW Club organized.
1967     Catholic Church begins services.
1971     Ak-Chin Industrial Park constructed.
1972     Assembly of God Church is organized.
1972     Honeycutt Shopping Center south of tracks destroyed by fire.
1974     Bible Church Services at Ak-Chin begins.
1980     Volunteer Fire Department Built.
1983     Banks of the Santa Cruz River break and flood most of Maricopa.
1986     Dedicated Postmaster and Maricopa Pioneer, Fred Cole, dies.
1987     Mike Ingram begins plans for Rancho El Dorado.
1990     Operation Desert Storm: Over 50 young Maricopa Men & Women serve in military.
1990     New Post Office built on Hathaway Street.
1991     Smith Wash, south of Maricopa, breaks and floods southside of Maricopa.
1991     Maricopa Waver (Grandpa Brock) bids farewell to Maricopa people.
1994     Harrah’s enters into agreement with Promus/Harrah’s for a 72,000 square foot casino.
1995     Maricopa Road, State Route 347 completed.
2000     Maricopa History: “Reflections of a Desert Town” published.
2003     City of Maricopa Incorporated October 15, 2003.
2003     City of Maricopa’s First Parade.
2004     First Elected Maricopa City Council takes office on June 1, 2004.
2004     Parks, Recreation and Library Department opens.
2004     Auction/Benefit for Cancer Victim Andrew Cole, March 6, 2004.
2004     Santa Rosa Elementary School built.
2004     Bashas’ Maricopa Marketplace Fiesta Plaza opens.
2004     Website 85239.com opens for Maricopa News and Community Events.
2005     PRL: First annual Salsa Festival (last Saturday in April).
2005     Pima Butte Elementary School opens.
2005     Fry’s Supermarket opens.
2005     First MOMS Club organized in January.
2005     First Red Hat Society formed in Maricopa.
2005     Friends of the Library Advisory Committee for PRL formed in April.
2005     PRL: First annual July 4th Fishing Derby & BBQ.
2005     Groundbreaking for new Fire Department, October.
2005     First PRL Basketball Program; Punt, Pass & Kick; Karate; Dance Programs.
2005     Governor Napolitano visits Maricopa.
2005     Groundbreaking for new Pacana Park, November.
2005     PRL: First Founder’s Day Celebration & Chili Cook-Off, October 16.
2005     First annual “Seeds of Change Gala”.
2005     PRL: First Annual Holiday Homes on Display, November and December.
2006     Friends of the Maricopa Cultural Activity Center and Library formed in March.
2006     City Manager’s Task Force on Education organized.
2006    PRL Director McDonald Receives NRPA award: Outstanding Service & Leadership.
2006     Opening of Maricopa Wells Middle School.
2007     Second Edition of “Reflections of a Desert Town” published.
2007     First, City of Maricopa Great American BBQ at Pacana Park.
2007     Opening of Santa Cruz Elementary School, August 2007.
2008     Opening of Butterfield Elementary School, August 2008.
2008     Opening of Saddleback Elementary School, August 2008.
2008     Opening of Desert Winds Middle School, August 2008.
2009     Heritage District Advisory Committee Organized, October 2009.
2010     Maricopa Historical Society incorporated with Non-profit status achieved.
2011     Maricopa Historical Society first semi-annual opening of the Silver Horizon Train Car, May 7, 2011.
2011     First Maricopa Historical Society Golf Tournament, October 16, 2011.
2011     Maricopa: Images of a Desert Town published.
2011     Maricopa History Educational Series launched by Pat Brock and Denny Hoeh.
2012     Centennial of the State of Arizona, February 14, 2012.
2012     Groundbreaking of City Hall Complex, April 21, 2012.
2012     Grand Opening of Banner Health, May 12, 2012.
2012     Opening of UltraStar Multi-tainment Center, November 13, 2012.
2012     Vernon Barlow Maricopa Historical Ink Drawings distributed through Maricopa Historical Society.
2013     Opening of Central Arizona College, Maricopa Campus, January 2, 2013.
2013     Groundbreaking for Copper Sky Multigenerational/Aquatics Center and Regional Park, January 12, 2013.
2013     Dedication of the City Hall Complex, October 15, 2013.
2013     First City of Maricopa “Shutter Shots” Digital Photo Contest, October 15, 2013.
2013     First City of Maricopa Mud Run, October 26, 2013.
2014     Opening of Dignity Health Urgent Care Center , April 20, 2013.
2014     Opening of Copper Sky Recreation Complex, March 15, 2014.
2014     First, Maricopa’s Great American Fourth Celebration held at Copper Sky Regional Park.
2014     City of Maricopa wins Mix96.9 “Battle of the Burbs” contest and named “Best Community in the Valley”.
2014     First, City of Maricopa “Second Saturday Market”, October 11, 2014.
2014     City of Maricopa 2040 Vision Steering Committee formed, October 2014.
2014     First, City of Maricopa Merry Copa Holiday Festival, December 6, 2014.
2015     First, City of Maricopa 5k Color Run, March 14, 2015.
2015     City of Maricopa Wins Mix96.9 “Battle of the Burbs” Contest for the 2nd year, March 30, 2015.
2015     City of Maricopa first, Spring Egg Dive at Copper Sky Aquatic Center, April 4, 2015.

Please note that the Maricopa Historical Society is in the City of Maricopa in Pinal county, not to be confused with the County of Maricopa.